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I have no hesitation in recommending Michael of Abcal Garden & Property Maintenance.

I have been a customer of Abcal for just over 10 years. When my husband died I was unable to maintain my garden as well as the gardens of my 4 rental properties, I was wary of getting someone that I did not know and who I could trust, so asked friends for recommendations. Abcal came highly recommended by a close friend who had observed the excellent manner Abcal had maintained at a neighbours garden.

During the 10 years they have maintained my properties I have worked and travelled overseas extensively and have been fortunate enough in having Abcal taking care of my properties during my absences.

Abcal not only take care of the garden but clear the gutters on all the properties on a quarterly basis, as well as water the gardens when I am away or if they are doing their regular visit and notice that the plants need watering they will attend to it.

Chris, Lower Plenty

We have had the pleasure of dealing with Michael Howell of Abcal Garden and Property Maintenance over the past eighteen [18] months, when he took control of all garden upkeep, restoration and new garden implementation at our prestigious Rosebank Receptions. As primarily a wedding reception venue, it is imperative that our gardens and surrounds look fastidious at all times, for photographic sessions, potential client viewings and for general guest enjoyment. Michael has always ensured that our gardens have been immaculate, always working to enhance what we have to offer. This is done with seasonal plantings, immaculate pruning, mowing skills that have our lawns more perfect than any lawn bowling green…reflecting the fastidious nature of all of his work!

The work received from Abcal has truly enhanced our facilities here at Rosebank and we also have them caring for our gardens at home.

I have no hesitation in recommending and referring their work…it is without compromise, beyond reproach and totalling unfaltering.

THANK YOU Abcal…!!!

David McKernan
Chief Executive

ABCAL GARDEN AND PROPERTY MAINTENANCE, have been maintaining my property for some years, originally Alf was doing this work. A couple of years ago his son Michael took over the maintenance of my property.
I have been very satisfied with their work, I have found them to be professional and dependable.
Michael keeps my lawns, garden, shrubs, looking attractive, my paths and driveway tidy. Michael has also done landscaping, improving, repairing and making safe steps and paved areas of my garden.

Heather, Greensborough

I was looking for someone a couple of years ago to cut the lawn for me on a regular basis and my neighbor recommended Michael.
Initially, it was just the lawn Michael did. Then, he cleaned the gutters, also on a regular basis. The arrangement has always been flexible, on his suggestion that whenever it, e.g. the lawn – the speed of growth varies due to the weather, has to be done, he will do it. There has been times he came and left when he saw it was not necessary for the lawn to be cut. He only asks for payment when he does the work.
Michael, in addition to gardening, does a variety of work around the house. During a severe storm last year, my clothes line was irreparably damaged. He replaced it for me. He took care of the work from buying the clothes line to installing it, and he did a splendid job.
Recently, I had some concreting done by someone else and the job was not finished properly. Michael put it right. Then I got to know that he had had extensive landscaping experience including concreting before he focused on gardening.
Other things he has done for me include cutting some reasonably big tree branches which were reaching the power lines, putting plants in the ground, and re-potting.
I highly recommend him to anyone. He has always been very reliable with his work, dependable on arrangement, and his work has always been done well.

Thomas, Rosanna
July 2015